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Business Systems for People to Understand & Use...

When a company decides upon implementing a new business system or revamping an existing one, effective results can be achieved when those systems align with the mission of the organization, have key staff members directly involved in defining the business processes and remain involved in critical steps along the way. This is the context in which BCA operates, building consensus within the organization and meeting client expectations. BCA associates are knowledgeable systems consultants with practical business expertise and excellent communications skills making them uniquely qualified to understand the needs of large corporations and entrepreneurs. With formal methodology training and seasoned business practitioners BCA brings a unique blend of skills and talent to your organization.

Past Projects

Retail Operational Improvement

When a retail department store chain decided to install a new software package to improve their operational efficiency they needed to model and document their existing business process and system flows. This allowed them to then re-engineer their business processes going forward. They chose to have BCA assist them in meeting their business challenge in a timely manner by researching and documenting business system flows then re-engineering business practices to facilitate a successful implementation.

Travel Industry / Call Center Operations

When a travel firm decided to improve its efficiency in handling lodging inventory while improving customer satisfaction with timely responses by its call center operators, BCA was selected for the design of the project. JAD/D sessions were facilitated to involve critical staff in defining current and proposed business process flows and to reduce system design lead time. Business requirements were gathered, confirmed and prioritized. User training was conducted and documentation developed to meet their unique business needs.

401K (Defined Contribution) Provider Services

Tracking paper based beneficiary changes was a time consuming laborious task for a national 401K services provider. Responding to increasing client requests for improved timely online service, BCA was commissioned to lead a web based project to provide online beneficiary update functionality to a new web based interface and an existing legacy mainframe system. After project implementation the beneficiary update that was completed on the web was successfully stored on the mainframe system and an entry posted to the web reporting system meeting compliance business requirements.